Sexy Evening Dresses lemonheads because you put a hole in your

5 Stupid Things High School Kids Do to Entertain Themselves When Cheap Party Dresses you go to high school in the it difficult to find ways to keep yourself entertained in the long droughts of fun between lacrosse games and dave matthews concerts.So, things tend to get a little bit strange.Which might explain why this little tidbit made local news recently. The hatborohorsham school district has notified parents about the increasing popularity of the challenge.That school administrators are just catching on to this prank is shocking. (But in case you also behind the times:The challenge entails trying to swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon. )I watched a buddy try and, you can tell it a bad idea.But, this is par for the course when compared to the wacky things teenagers do to keep themselves entertained.Drink a gallon of milk in 60 seconds.If you heave, you leave.As joey chestnut showed on 610 wip, some are better suited for this event than others. The quantity for this challenge varies, but the premise is the same.Eat an exorbitant amount of sour candy while everyone around you laughs at the faces you make.It kind of in the same neighborhood as that myth that warned you not to eat too many Sexy Evening Dresses lemonheads because you put a hole in your tongue.That not something i ever felt comfortable taking a risk with. The bananas and sprite challenge Easy enough:Down two bananas and a liter of sprite.Apparently, the idea behind this challenge is that if you don burp properly, you wind more information up ralphing.